Administrative Staff

Loyalsock Staff


Every effort is made to hire the most qualified people to help your child reach their full potential. References are checked on those seeking employment and all state regulations are met or exceeded running all clearances required. Our staff is expected to continually improve their career by attending educational trainings to better themselves and the center. Twice a year both facilities close and provide full days of training for the staff. Each person working in the facility must be in good health with no communicable diseases. Prior to working in a classroom, all staff must complete a physical exam history questionnaire for the state and provide medical verification of their health as required by law. Drug and alcohol screening are part of this exam.Pursuant to state law, the use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal substances is prohibited in the day care facility itself, as well as, school property, at all times for all staff and parents or guardians of the children.

South Williamsport Staff

The Teacher's Role

The teachers at Blessed Beginnings are the primary people responsible for implementing the classroom curriculum and developing and meeting the needs of the children in their classroom. They are responsible to ensure that daily lessons are meeting the PA Early Learning Standards for their age group. Blessed Beginnings provides ongoing professional development training for their staff to ensure that they are properly supported in implementing curriculum.

Employment Opportunities

Blessed Beginnings is growing and from time to time we need to find new teachers. If you are interested in gaining employment at either of our facilities, please complete the attached application and email or mail it to one of our facilities.

Blessed Beginnings Employment Application